The Life cycle of Learning

The InspireKids Life Cycle of Learning is a set of principle categories that guide the learning and teaching experiences in every classroom. Our highly qualified staff members have developed a dynamic, interactive program that helps children and parents reach their individual goals together. InspireKids Learning Centers adhere to what we call the “Life Cycle of Learning”, a comprehensive structure of learning enrichment that exemplifies the InspireKids teaching philosophy. These include the following categories: Content, Educational Compliance, Activities, Education, Parent’s Involvement, Reinforcements, Individual Assessments and Recommendations. Our educators work in collaboration with parents and fellow teachers on a regular basis to establish clear objectives in each of these categories.

Inspirekids Philosophy

Inspirekids believes in providing a solid framework and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for all children. We believe that these opportunities meet the needs of each child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Inspirekids differentiates itself not only by its exemplary program, but also by its staff of dedicated professionals committed to helping each child achieve his or her full potential. We strive to create collaborative learning partnerships, while emphasizing the importance of communication between families, staff members and children. These guidelines ensure a complete “Life Cycle” of learning.

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