World of Science

Our hands-on science activities provide excellent opportunities for your child to observe, experiment  and predict results.   Whether it is playing with magnets, prisms and magnifying glasses or learning about dinosaurs or gardening, they will discover a new world of adventure.
Building Zone 

The Building Zone contains various items to promote fine motor skills and to assist in the development of conceptual and perceptual relationships with classifying numbers, shapes, counting and sorting using math.

Town Square

Children learn about the concept of community through interaction and socialization while playing in a make believe town that hosts a barber shop, supermarket, school, cafe, firehouse and playhouse.

Language Arts

Literacy is an integral part of every activity that occurs in our program. Our classroom and library is filled with materials to develop an appreciation for books, letter and word recognition, critical reading, writing and listening skills

Art Studio

Children will express themselves through painting, drawing and other forms of creative art using water tables, sand, clay, cutting, pasting, crayons and more.

Computer Lab

Teachers will introduce computer basic skills for using a keyboard, mouse and printer.  Daily activities are aligned with learning objectives that support all areas of learning.

Performing Arts

Dramatic play creates an atmosphere of imagination and exerts a powerful influence on their developing minds and personal creativity on a large performance stage

Go Zone

The Go Zone is a free play environment, which promotes large motor skills, coordination and builds confidence.  Some of the activities include parachutes, yoga, climbing, jumping and obstacle courses.
Innovative Classrooms